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Perth Wedding, Birthday & Custom Cakes


Cupcakes are the ideal choice for any special event, whether it’s a birthday celebration, wedding, or corporate event.

We offer an extensive selection of flavour options, topper designs, buttercream and colour combinations, allowing us to bring your imagination to life and create the perfect cupcakes for your desired occasion. We also cater for special dietary requirements.

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Our selection of flavours:
• Chocolate
• Espresso
• Caramel
• White Chocolate
• Lemon + Coconut
• Red Velvet
• Choc Orange
• Choc Mint

Birthday, pink cupcake tower with a cake on top to celebrate 50th birthday


Our cupcakes offer endless possibilities for creating a spectacular dessert display.

They can be paired with cakes, allowing you to mix and match flavours and designs.

For a visually stunning presentation, consider arranging the cupcakes in a beautiful cupcake tower (or pyramid), adding an elegant touch to your event.

Alternatively, our cupcakes can shine as the main centrepiece. To elevate them further, we offer a range of extra decorations, from intricate buttercream colours and toppers to edible prints featuring logos or custom artwork, transforming each cupcake into a delightful edible work of art.

Variety of different toppings possible for cupcakes


Choose the buttercream in any colour, allowing you to match your cupcakes to the theme or occasion. Be it a dreamy pastel for a wedding, vibrant hues for a birthday, or sophisticated shades for a corporate event.

Edible prints
Take personalisation to the next level by opting for edible prints featuring logos or custom text, turning your cupcakes into edible works of art that leave a lasting impression.

Flowers, chocolates
For an elegant touch, adorn your cupcakes with delicate edible flowers, adding a burst of natural beauty and charm. Alternatively, decorate them with chocolates or any other topper.

Colourful cupcakes for a beauty and the beast themed wedding


Our commitment to quality is reflected in every bite, as we meticulously assemble our cupcakes using handpicked, locally sourced ingredients, here in Perth.

Additionally, we cater to various dietary considerationsallergiesvegannut-freehalal and offering gluten-free options to ensure everyone can indulge themselves.

Elevate your event with our tasty wedding cupcakes, delightful birthday cupcakes, or branded cupcakes for corporate functions.

Cupcakes Perth Gallery

Enter our gallery of cupcakes we made in Perth, where you will discover a delightful assortment of past creations. You can request a previous design, find an inspiration or use it as a foundation to create your unique order.