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Small croquembouche tower

What is it

Originating in France, the dessert combines the delicate choux pastry, rich creamy fillings, and beautiful caramelised sugar coating, resulting in a visually stunning and delectable treat, made right here in Perth!

With its versatility, Croquembouche can be showcased as a large pyramid for grand occasions or a small tower for intimate gatherings, making it a versatile centrepiece for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

To assemble the pyramid, the profiteroles are meticulously connected together with a melted caramel, toffee, chocolate ganache or edible nougatine. This process involves carefully dipping the base of each profiterole and placing it on the tower. The caramelised sweetness delicately enhances the pastry’s lightness.

Close up of spun sugar on profiteroles


One of the most striking features of a Croquembouche is its beautiful decoration. The tower can be elegantly wrapped with spun sugar, creating a delicate and intricate web that adds a touch of sophistication. To further enhance its appeal, the pyramid can be adorned with various decorations such as fresh fruits or decadent chocolates, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Croquembouches are not only a feast for the eyes but also a delight for the taste buds. The combination of crisp choux pastry, creamy fillings, and the perfect balance of sweetness make it an ideal choice for special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday celebration, or any other event that calls for a show-stopping dessert, a Croquembouche is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Please note that our Croquembouches are prepared fresh, right before they are expected. Due to the nature of the pastry and cream, we can only ensure pick-up from our store, and it is essential to enjoy this treat within an 8-hour timeframe.

Croquembouche Perth Gallery

Step into our gallery of Croquembouches we made in Perth, where you will find a delightful array of past creations. Explore the designs, from grand pyramids adorned with spun sugar to smaller towers embellished with chocolates. These can serve as a starting point or inspiration for your order.