Cupid's Delight Cakes for Birthdays & Weddings

Why choose Cupid’s Delight?

Cupid’s Delight has been making wedding cakes since 1999, giving us a total of 17 years in the cake industry. We have an international team of cake artists who come from all over the globe as well as international training in cake decorating. Cupid’s Delight keeps abreast of current trends and decorating techniques to ensure our quality and presentation remains some of the best in Perth.

Each cake is uniquely handcrafted, from hand made David Austin roses to custom made trucks and buildings. We are specialists in custom cakes.

When should I book my cake?

For wedding cakes, it is advisable to book your cake 3 months in advance. All other cakes, cupcakes, macarons etc. require about a week notice. We can take orders less than the recommended period subject to availability but please call us to discuss this further. We limit our bookings to maintain our high quality as we do not mass produce our cakes.

Why book so far in advance?

Once you have placed your order, our team is hard at work preparing the decorations for your cake. Cake decorating is manually intensive and therefore very time consuming. Flowers, figurines, small trimmings and details are all individually handcrafted and take time to complete.

Cupid’s Delight is a specialist business and we can only produce a certain number of cakes. Our clients book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

How can I taste the cake?

Cake tastings are available to all of our clients however an appointment is essential. The taste of the cake is equally important as the way it looks. Our dedicated team are continually trying new recipes to introduce onto our menu. The tastings are with compliments at your first consultation. (Note: Gluten free and allergen tastings are available only by request and subject to availability).

What is the current trend?

Many of our clients are now requesting larger cakes and serving the cake as the main dessert at the reception (which can sometimes save on costs). There has a been a current decline in the popularity of cup cake towers with many of our clients reverting to a more traditional cake.

What is the difference between a finger portion and a dessert portion?

A finger portions is approximately 2.5cm wide x 9cm tall x 2.5cm deep and a dessert portion is 5cm wide x 9cm tall x 2.5cm deep. Sizes can vary from other decorators.

A finger portion is served to either take home in a cake bag (which you can purchase from us) or served with coffee at the function. A dessert portion will usually be served and dressed by your function center (please discuss your requirements with your co-ordinator).

Do I need to have fruit cake on the bottom of my cake for support?

No, Cupid’s Delight assemble your cake with sufficient support regardless of your chosen flavour.

How do I store my cake?

If you are storing your cake after pickup from our premises, it is best stored in a cool, dry and level place. It is also important to check with our team upon booking how to store your flavours and the shelf life.

If you have cake left over from your function, mud cakes will freeze well for up to 3 months. They are best stored frozen with a layer of cling wrap followed by aluminium foil, then a final layer of cling wrap. Finally, place it in an airtight container. All decorative items should be removed from the cake before freezing.

We also recommend to freeze fruit cake and this will keep well for up to 1 year.

Why keep the top tier?

Traditionally, the top tier has been kept for the 1st anniversary or for the birth of the 1st child, whichever came first.

Most of our clients are still keeping their top tiers, but make their own tradition by enjoying the cake with friends and family soon after the wedding day.

Fresh or Iced Flowers?

Cupid’s Delight only use fresh flowers on limited cake designs as most fresh flowers are sprayed with chemicals or are toxic. As a result, we recommend that we assemble the fresh flowers on our cakes to ensure minimal contact is made between the cake and the flowers. If you decide to choose your florist to assemble the fresh flowers Cupid’s Delight is unable to guarantee the condition of the cake.

What are the prices of Cupid’s Delight cakes?

Cupid’s Delight cakes are customized and prices start from $165. The final price will be dependant upon your chosen design.

Why are cakes so expensive?

Cake artistry is a form of visual art. As a sculptor creates a work of art, Cupid’s Delight creates a visual masterpiece. Our cakes are made from the finest ingredients to produce a deliciously tasting cake which is visually appealing.

Cake on a budget?

Cupid’s Delight will not be the cheapest cake artists in Perth. Our focus is on quality products and customer service. However, we will work with you to provide you with a cake that is suitable to your budget. If we are unable to accommodate your needs then we will refer you to other reputable cake decorators

Why are there great differences in price between cake decorators?

Prices will vary between cake decorators as does the quality of the cake artistry. Ask the decorator for information on the cake sizes, servings guide, view their work, taste the cake and read testimonials We have received calls in the past requesting assistance to fix a cake disaster or make a replacement cake. We recommend you base your decision on quality, not price. Check our page on “What to look for in a wedding cake”.

When paying delivery does a courier driver deliver my cake?

No. All of our cakes are delivered by our own cake artists who are well experienced with assembling and setup. You may collect the cake if you so wish.

Where are the cakes made?

Our cakes are baked fresh on site in our commercial kitchen.

Are Cupid’s Delight gluten free cakes prepared separately?

Yes. The Cupid’s Delight team are very experienced with food intolerance either through past work experience or via personal history and understand the importance of this.

Why have a cake designed?

Custom designed/couture cakes are specifically designed for you. Whether you are having a particular theme, have a hobby you want captured in a cake, particular colours and flowers – custom designing a cake ensures you have a cake that is uniquely handcrafted for you.

What are Petite Cakes?

Petite Cakes are Cupid’s Delight’s branding of our cup cakes. We wanted to define our cup cakes as a unique design. Our petite cakes are made from. They are made from the exact same recipes we use in our mud cake range. This means that our cup cakes are of the best quality, will last longer than the average cup cake, and that the cup cakes are not dry. Our cup cakes also contain a cardboard wrap around them which defines their uniqueness. Each cup cake is adorned with handcrafted decorations, ready to roll icing, ribbons and bows. The wrap arounds are available in over 200 different colours and designs to choose from.

Prices of our petite cakes start at $9.00 per cup cake.

Our team take pride in producing innovative designs and therefore cannot produce the standard cup cake with buttercream on top in this range. Please see our cupcake range for other designs available for $3.95 per cupcake.

How long do cup cakes last?

The average cup cake will last for around 1-3 days, at which after this time it can lose moisture and dry out and/or develop mould. Our petite cake range has a life span of 4-7 days depending on which mud cake recipe is chosen.

Can I transport my own cake?

You can transport your own cake, however this does depend on the design and complexity of the cake. Our team can advise you if your cake is safe for you to transport yourself. Cupid’s Delight is not liable for any damages to cakes after pick up from our showroom as the environmental conditions will no longer be under our control i.e. temperature, storage, and the speed in which you travel.

When is my cake made?

All of our cakes are created 1-7 days prior to your function (depending upon flavour chosen). Decorations for your cake are prepared well in advance as all our decorations are handcrafted.

Please see our cake range below or click on the links to view some of our past client creations. Prices are upon application.